de Medici dot Ming Fine Paper
since 1983
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de Medici Ming Fine Paper opened in 1983 on First Avenue and University Street in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by Marie Papier in Paris, the store was originally dedicated to the art of letter writing. It quickly grew into providing papers from around the world in all forms and for all sorts of projects.

The name comes from two of the cultures who historically have had the most to do with development of paper: The Chinese who invented it, and the Italians who made an "everyday" style of it. The de Medici Family and the Ming Dynasty governed their respective cultures from the 1200's-1600's.

After 32 years on First Avenue, this Renaissance paper bouquet continues those paper traditions from Lopez Island, Washington.



de Medici Ming Fine Paper P.O. Box Number 8, Lopez Island, WA 98261 T. 360-468-3673 F. 360-468-3674