Offset and Screened Calendars

Nikki McClure, Phases of the Moon, Sari Staggs,
Wild Wings, Child's Play, Snow & Graham,
and Mingei Folk Art Calendars

Nikki McClure 2017

Papercut artist
Nikki McClure
from Olympia, WA


Click on image to see all the months.




Cover for Phases of the Moon


Inside Lunar Calendar



Phases of the Moon
German silkscreened
A new design for 2017
in recognition of their 20th Anniversary.

This new design glows in the dark!

Crane Creek

  Sari Staggs 2017 Months 2017
  Wild Wings Months


Snow & Graham

  Write On 2017

Wall 2017


Mini Jewel Case 2017

Write On

12 x 9 inches

Wall Calendar

12 x 18 inches

Mini jewel case

3.75 inches square


Child's Play
Birthday Calendar

Child's Play 2017 January Months




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